Wall clock, animal motif with wagging tail, showjumper

Wall clock made of black Foamalux

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We present a very special wall clock: Made of Foamalux (PVC foam board), the clock shows different animal motifs. The special thing about it is: in time with the second, the tail of the corresponding animal wags. The watch is in matt plain black. Therefore, the silver-colored hands made of nickel are very easy to read. The watch is powered by a quartz-driven movement, which runs on a conventional AA battery. The battery is included.

Technical facts:

  • Model: different variants (see selection)
  • Made in England
  • Movement: Quartz movement, U.T.S. Made in Germany
  • Battery: AA battery, included
  • Indication: hours, minutes, seconds over tail of the animal, moves in time with the second of the time
  • Hands: silver-colored hands
  • Material: Material: black Foamalux (PVC foam panel)
  • Mounting: Can be attached to a nail or leaned against the wall
  • Dimensions appr.: Wired-Haired Dachshund (46 x 29 cm); Dachshund (53 x 30 cm); Labrador (45 x 31 cm); Jack Russel (41 x 26 cm); French Bulldog (33 x 30 cm); Cat (38 x 23 cm); Spaniel (45 x 33 cm); Poodle (33 x 30 cm); Westie (33 x 30 cm); Showjumper (44 x 20 cm)
  • Weight: appr. 150 - 200 g

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